Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Playing with Transistor

Screenshot from 2016-06-23 21-16-50.png
A scene from the game


Transistor is a game with interesting game play and attention worthy story, but lacks that “secret sauce” to make you obsess over completing it.


I actually started Transistor a little before I started with This War of Mine. Yet somehow, I’ve not been able to find an excuse to get myself to complete this game.

Whereas This War of Mine has successfully made me obsess over completing it at least once, Transistor hasn’t given me that same obsession. Having a nice story to drive the game has also made this game not worthy of casual play unlike many social games. So, I can’t just abandon the game halfway, then return at a later date to resume unless I can remember the details of what’s happened up to the point I stopped.

Having relatively poor memory retention for details hasn’t helped me any.

But that’s not to say the game sucks. It simply requires the player to mindfully enjoy the narrative and game play, and not attempt to multi-game. It just wouldn’t work.

The game play is actually interesting. Your character’s skills come in the form of Functions which you get to mix and match in various ways. As the story progresses you not only gain more Functions to play with, but you may also unlock additional skill slots to allow for more varieties of combinations.

To encourage the player to explore, the Functions will unlock additional narrative on the various characters involved in the game as you try Functions in different ways. Put together, you basically get to tweak the skills available in the game to better suit your play style. Whether you prefer to fight up front, from a distance, or to use area of effect attacks, there’s combinations available to you. Some skills don’t directly cause damage but rather add other effects, some by boosting your abilities, others by negating enemies’ powers.

Story-wise, I haven’t finished the game so I’ll refrain from forming an opinion. It’s good enough to not suck, at least.

Maybe someday I’ll retry from the beginning. Right now, I’ve got other fish to fry.