Friday, August 07, 2015

Sadly anticlimactic end to a promising adventure

First, they send you high up...
Just as the story starts getting exciting Deponia ends. It’s a major letdown. Now I get why there’s three games in the series.

The cliffhanger end to the first Deponia game does a good job of enticing the player to buy the next game in the series. It’s not a satisfying end to this game. Now it just feels like the game’s too short and needs a continuation. Hence the next two games in the franchise…

At the very least have Rufus make it to Elysium. Or, have Goal end up with Rufus on Deponia. That was the whole point of the story ain’t it? Rufus and Goal, together?


So I’m left wondering what will happen to Goal. Did Rufus really give up, or is he hatching yet another one of his “perfect” plans?

The puzzles in the game are generally not that tough. And that’s a good thing seeing as how I’m no genius puzzle-solver. I’d rather the puzzles in games I play be just enough to warm up my neural network and not overtax it. Wouldn’t want to fry something important in there.

Yet there’s still a few puzzles sprinkled in there that had no clear clues as to what I’m supposed to be doing. In the end I had to resort to finding the solution online. But puzzles like that aren’t particularly abundant so the experience was still overall pretty pleasant. I’m sure the puzzle gurus out there wouldn’t find Deponia a challenge at all.

The biggest annoyance in the game isn’t even part of the game in the normal sense. That’s the strange fullscreen bug I mentioned earlier, of course. Now if Daedalic Entertainment could just patch that up then the game would be a much nicer experience for gamers.

Considering how old this game is, there doesn’t appear to be any chance of that happening.

Since there's a sale for all Deponia titles right now on GOG I'm pondering if I'd want to get them to continue the adventure...

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