Saturday, August 15, 2015

Agarest does not go with Wine

In between sessions playing Among the Sleep, I've started playing the tactical JRPG Agarest Generations of War. This is yet another game that's been in my backlog for some time now.

Unfortunately, it's a Windows-only game which means running it on Linux requires Wine. A report on WineHQ seems to indicate the games runs but with graphical glitches. On Ubuntu 15.04 64-bit it fails to run at all. Even the installation is suspect as you get a error message right near the end of the install process.

Here's a screencap of the error.

Umm... Not sure what to make of that
Click OK and the GOG installer reports installation as successful. That's rather suspect if you asked me.

Am I... missing something here?
More so when attempts at running the game gives yet another error. And the game doesn't even load up, of course.

I'll reproduce the steps I took to install the game here:

~$ WINEARCH="win32" wine "wineboot"
~$ wine setup_agarest_gow_2.0.0.1.exe

Since the game couldn't run I tried installing additional components as hinted from the WineHQ report.

~$ winetricks wmp10 xact devenum directx9

Retrying after this failed as well with no apparent changes.

Luckily I got a notebook running Windows 10 so that's where I'm running the game for now. If possible I'd very much prefer to get this running on Linux though.

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