Sunday, July 19, 2015

What comes after you save the world from evil?

Finally kicked Thaos butt

So I finally finished playing Pillars of Eternity. It's been a fun ride.

I even had to restart after getting an earlier character build stuck inside the Endless Paths. That place is insane. My encounter with the Master Below didn't go with a bang but at least I completed it. Something to think about for the next time, perhaps.

The world of Eora is vividly imagined. Too bad my tendency to attempt to complete everything in one go turned against me. While taking my time to enjoy the game, it also turned out there were so many quests in this game I couldn't complete them all.

In particular, I hadn't explored Twin Elms extensively. More specifically, I just didn't bother with the side quests at all. After going through so many quests I was starting to feel burnt out. I'll explore this place in detail later.

And that's a good thing. It means the game is replayable and that's a part of what makes the game awesome! After completing the game once, you get to start a completely new character and attempt a different set of quests. Nice!

But it's probably better to let it rest for a while. The first expansion pack is coming soon anyway so that's gonna be my excuse for replaying this game. Or, more likely when the White March is complete since it's being labelled as "Part 1".

For now I'll be playing Deponia. It's been laying around for a while and I don't play point and click games often.