Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Resume your GoG download on Linux

Unfortunately, GOG doesn't have a official download client for Linux users. This isn't a problem with smaller games, but I recently purchased Pillars of Eternity which came in at a rather large 6.7GB.

And that's not even the largest game out there!

So what's a gamer to do when he can't download his game in one go? Fortunately there are ways around GOG's current limitations.

I'll document the method that worked for me here.

I'm using Firefox so that's what I'll use to illustrate the method here.

The Firefox preferences window

In Firefox Preferences, click on remove individual cookies under the Privacy tab. Then, type in "gog-al" in the search box (minus the quotes). That should show you the cookie we need for this to work.

The value of the cookie we want is in the content field. Copy it to clipboard.
We don't really want to remove the cookie. We want to know the value which is shown under contents.

Next comes the terminal. We'll be using wget for this.

~$ wget --no-cookies --header "Cookie: gog-al=paste_cookie_content_here" -c URL

Remember to replace URL with the download link from your GOG library and "paste_cookie_content_here" with the cookie you copied earlier from Firefox.

If your download gets interrupted halfway for whatever reason you can run the same command again and it will resume from where your download stopped.

That's it.