Monday, March 09, 2015

Continuing with my HTPC build

The major parts of my HTPC in their boxes.

I had ordered a Asrock E350M1 board and AData 2GB DDR3 RAM and they've arrived. Together with the casing and power supply I purchased earlier, and the cheapest USB key I could find (a Strontium 8GB from Popular Bookstore; it even came with a 10% discount) I now have enough parts to test if this build could work with sensible performance.

The OpenELEC install didn't take long. Following the installation instructions on the OpenELEC Wiki wasn't too hard. Everything seems to run fine. Even playing a 1080p video off a separate USB key didn't pose a problem. Playback was nice and smooth.

The wonderful Flirc Ir remote.
Oh, yeah. I guess I forgot to mention I'd bought a Flirc USB Ir Remote some time back. That one took over a month to arrive. I'd almost given up on it but I'm glad it came. Setting up Flirc for XMBC/Kodi is super simple so now I'm able to control OpenELEC using my DVD player's remote.

The only thing now is to get a BluRay drive and a pair of hard disks (or three) and this HTPC will be complete.