Saturday, October 25, 2014

Ubuntu 14.10 is out; Why not try a flavor?

Kubuntu 14.10 desktop with Firefox open

I've followed Ubuntu since Warty Warthog. Unity was disorienting at first but now it's pretty good. Still, I've always wondered: What about the other flavors?

I've tried Kubuntu & Xubuntu in LiveCD before. They didn't leave good impressions on me. But maybe I just needed to give them some time like I did Unity to grow to like them.

So, this time I'm doing a clean install with Kubuntu instead of my usual Ubuntu.

As I'm writing this, the latest 64-bit ISO is burning onto DVD media. I've opted for the Plasma 4 release. Experimental features have never been a pleasant experience for me on Ubuntu so I'll not try out Plasma 5 just yet.

Moving to KDE means I'll essentially need to re-pick my favourite software for doing the basics. I'll be looking for new BitTorrent clients, RSS feed readers, DVD burning software, etc...

I hope it'll be a good experience.

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