Saturday, August 16, 2014

Logitech MK220 impressions

The Logitech MK220 outside its packaging
The Logitech MK220 cordless keyboard + mouse combo is pretty good, honestly.

It's just too small for me. I'd much prefer a bigger keyboard and mouse. Right now my hands feel rather cramped using this pair. This is definitely a pair designed for smaller hands so if you're one of those this should be a mighty fine keyboard and mouse.

Keyboard battery compartment is on the left. Just slide down to open.
The mouse is the better of the pair. It's a bit on the small side so I wish it's a bit bigger but it's still usable. I just don't find it completely comfortable. There are much smaller (and less comfortable) mouse out there so you may or may not find the midway size comfortable to use. The scroll wheel cum middle button is rather hard to click though so you'd probably not like it much. If you don't use the middle click at all then all is dandy.

I find the keyboard is very very cramped so this is definitely made for smaller hands. Using this keyboard makes my fingers feel cramped almost immediately. I know some people find larger keyboard hard to use because their small hands mean it's hard to reach certain keys so this would make a good choice for them. There's no SysReq key though. At least I couldn't find any, so Linux users may want to avoid this one if you feel you need the key.

The keys also feel a bit flimsy during use. 

The USB receiver looks like most pen drives which is to say I wish it were smaller. For some reason I just get the feeling something or someone will accidentally fall onto the receiver on the back of my PC and break the dongle. They could've made it micro-sized to it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. That's another consideration before you buy this.

Oh yeah. Batteries are included.

Well, that's about it.