Sunday, July 27, 2014

Decluttering the home PC

Okay so I did some decluttering of my PC. Here's the list of stuff I changed/replaced/added:

  1. Keyboard & mouse
  2. DVD burner
  3. Wireless repeater
  4. Speakers
I certainly dislike cables running all over the back of my desktop very much so I bought a Logitech keyboard & mouse combo to replace the old ones. My old Microsoft wireless mouse was a bit screwed up so that's an excuse to replace the keyboard at the same time.

Meet my new keyboard/mouse. They're a bit small for my liking though :-(

Coincidentally, my sister's very old keyboard was acting up so she gets my old Dell keyboard as a replacement. No sense wasting a perfectly working keyboard right?

My old DVD drive. Good riddance.
As for the DVD burner, Samsung really needs to make things that are more reliable. At this point the only thing Samsung I'd consider buying at all would be their SSD. Everything else is a no go. That includes their smartphones. Never liked Touchwiz.

These guys look nice but sounds a bit flat. Still, I rather not have a big subwoofer giving me headaches.
My Dell 5.1 speakers are a bit temperamental so I got myself a smaller Altec Lansing speaker to replace them. It turns out it was a waste of money for me to get the 5.1 speakers. I never had the space to properly utilise them anyway and the cable management is just painful.

Aztech dual band repeater. Keeps the Asus WiFi router off my table.
The final change is the addition of a Aztech WL580E wireless repeater. It's a signal repeater but... I'm using it for a different purpose: to connect to my desktop's LAN port. Rather than dragging a cable across the hall as I've been doing for years, I'm now making the wire wireless.

As to why I don't use a WiFi card... well, I do have one but Ubuntu doesn't load it up properly. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I'd rather my connection be more reliable than that.

So next up I'll be replacing my Samsung monitor. It's flickering more and more frequently and that's driving me nuts... but that's for another day.

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