Monday, June 09, 2014

Upgraded to Sense 6

Sense 6 System Update now available for HTC One M7.

My HTC One (M7) finally received the Sense 6 update last night. It's a pretty hefty update coming down @ over 600MB. But that's to be expected considering the changes in HTC's latest incarnation of Sense UI.

The most obvious change would be the color themes that now change the color of your notification bar and action bar depending on the app you're using at the time. It's really eye catching. I'm not sure I like it yet but so far it's not annoying. Along with that comes a complete replacement of the ringtones and stock HTC wallpapers that are available to use. The old ones? They're gone. Now you get a whole new set which I presume are the same ones you get in the new HTC One M8.

Various apps are different now. I can only comment on the ones I use often (which isn't a lot) but you can see the changes here and there. Messages got a bit of a tweak. The attachment button is now on the action bar instead of occupying the space below the send button.

The Gallery app now has a time line view while the camera looks very much different now that it did previously. I haven't tried the Music app yet though I'm sure I'll find some changes there.

A new lockscreen with an old wallpaper (no longer on the phone).

The lock screen also got a redesign. It looks nicer now but I'm not enthusiastic about the missing lock screen widgets. The widgets allowed me quick and easy access to the calculator app but now it'll be a bit further away to access that functionality.

The day/night cycle shown by the weather clock changing between a white and black theme is definitely a pleasant surprise. I like that a lot. But removing it from the app drawer is a bit of a bummer for me. Maybe there's a setting in there somewhere that I haven't seen.

Finally, HTC's Power To Give app looks interesting. Maybe I'll contribute some compute cycles and see how it goes...

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