Sunday, February 16, 2014

HTC One & Android 4.4.2

I'm, of course, happy to get the latest Android release for my device. I just don't necessarily like everything I see...

Android 4.4.2 update with Sense 5.5
Let's see. HTC Sense is still at version 5.5 so no changes there.

After the update

The battery icon is all white now. When I'm charging it's grey with a lightning bolt. I'd have preferred the previous colorful look. Especially in the case of the battery level indicator, it's nice to have an idea if you're dangerously low on energy at a glance with or without the percentage beside it.

Oh well, it's just cosmetic. I'll live.

The update changelog says there's been memory management improvements and I think I'm seeing a little of it. The Gallery app seems to be better at remembering it's past state between sessions now. The SMS app also doesn't look like it's lagging during it's crossfade animation. But a device with 2GB RAM is hardly the best place to look for these signs. A device closer to the minimum limits would be a better place to find improvements in this department.

Generally, things are more or less the same after the Android 4.4 update. If you liked the way things were before, you'll still like them now. Maybe just a tad more as you notice visible small improvements here and there.

Performance improvements are always welcome, but it's not something you can feel subjectively given how well Android 4.3/4.2 performs already.