Friday, November 22, 2013

Improving on the HTC One

With the HTC One Max out of the way the online rumors are of course now focused on the next flagship, the "M8". Being a recent owner of a HTC One myself I'd like to post here my thoughts/rants on some of the things on the current flagship that could do with some polish.


There's most certainly a "jank" with various animations on the HTC One. It's not enough to annoy me but it's definitely there and takes a bit of shine away from an otherwise awesome phone. HTC needs to look into this.

From what I can tell, it's something that only shows up when there's some content already in the phone. A sparkling new phone won't exhibit this behaviour. Mostly I notice it in the SMS app but that's possibly because that's what I use the most. It might have something to do with maintaining a message limit but I haven't tried it.

Auto brightness

This isn't really a problem for me but I think a smoother transition between brightness levels would be awesome. I can understand having a few standard levels for manual brightness but, really, auto brightness should be smarter than that.

Of course, this is something that probably needs addressing by Google rather than HTC. Still, it's something to think about.


HTC Blinkfeed is a nice idea. Add more data sources and that could perhaps lure more users into trying it out. But I don't find myself using it much. Maybe the current data sources aren't useful enough for me. More likely it's just me preferring to not have news shoved in my face everytime I unlock my phone.

Bring Sense 5.5 over to the HTC One with it's ability to turn off Blinkfeed and a lot of folks are going to be happy-er than they are now. So what if it's coming to the HTC One? With HTC's past record of phone updates, I wouldn't hold my breath until I actually have the update installed on my phone.

Battery Capacity

Where the Desire HD couldn't go two days even with light use, the HTC One can certainly do so comfortably. In fact, I'd wager it could last 3 - 4 days on super light use. HTC's designs tend to feel slimmer than they actually are so why not make use of that fact? Give the phone a little more heft and increase the battery capacity. I'm sure a lot of users would appreciate it. I know I would.

Well, that's about it for me. I'm not a particularly heavy smartphone user. In fact, I'm a very light user, so I'm sure there's plenty I've missed out on. Hopefully, HTC will be thriving by the time I'm looking for my next phone. The One is overall such a nice phone to use it's going to be a while before I start itching for another one.

I just hope the touchscreen doesn't fail after 2.5 years like my Desire HD did...

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