Saturday, October 19, 2013

Looks like I'll be installing Ubuntu 13.10 after all

This will be the 2nd time I'm reformatting my PC in less than a week. This morning Ubuntu 13.04 refused to startup. Refused to startup. I recall a rather small update last night but Ubuntu updates tend to be trouble free except when it relates to the graphics drivers in some way ( or kernel update) but I know how to deal with that.

This is something else entirely. I just get a black screen after the Ubuntu splash. Alt+SysRq REISUB seems to work so I guess the system is in some semi-working state. Nothing else works though including switching to another VT to attempt repairs.

So instead of clean installing 13.04 I may as well just go ahead with Ubuntu 13.10. Thankfully, I didn't get that nonsense when I tried the Final Beta. If that had happened I just might be pissed enough to go back to Windows.

Ubuntu 13.10 looks to run much more smoothly than Ubuntu 13.04 without AMD Catalyst installed. Things are not all fine though.

I've noticed the occasional graphical glitch every now and then with desktop effects. The easiest way to reproduce the problem would be to play a video in full screen mode then switch back to windowed mode. The Unity launcher and global menu bar will not be properly rendered.

The power cog indicator icon for managing sessions was also missing on first boot but appeared after an update and reboot. This is one of those little things that show the developers are preoccupied with something else (Ubuntu Touch).

Other than that so far things have been running smoothly with Ubuntu 13.10. Let's hope things just get better from here. I really am getting the feeling Ubuntu's past its peak and is just straining to maintain that solidness it used to have.

Here and there you can see inconsistencies that wouldn't have shown up a few releases back.

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