Sunday, October 13, 2013

Do not upgrade to Ubuntu 13.10

It's frustrating, really. The keyboard and mouse has been around for decades. USB has been around a long time, too. Yet a successful upgrade to Ubuntu 13.10 can still result in a installed system that has no keyboard and mouse input functionality. With the focus on Ubuntu Touch, I have to wonder if Canonical expects Ubuntu users to have touchscreens on their desktops.

I'm not the only one. There's even a YouTube video with the exact issue. Well, he tried with Beta 1 but the Final Beta (aka Beta 2) I tried isn't any better. With Final Release less than a week away I find it mind boggling that USB keyboard and mouse support can be this bad.

So, I'm basically in the process of doing a backup of /home from Ubuntu 13.04 LiveCD and will be downgrading to 13.04 for the time being. This is just a rant that will hopefully prevent unnecessary grief for some Ubuntu users thinking of trying out the new version just days before it's officially out.

If you're not game for breakage then I highly discourage attempting the upgrade. In fact, you might want to consider waiting for the LTS release or until 13.04 support expires whichever comes first. Defer the upgrade as long as possible so that as many bugs as possible gets squashed by the time you do upgrade.

Consider yourself warned.

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