Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Firefox 24: An unexciting new major release

Firefox 24.0 now available on Ubuntu 13.04

Like clockwork, another new release of Firefox is out. This time around things aren't so exciting for the end user. The most exciting feature would be closing tabs to the right and that's not saying much.

The release notes has all the bits of info.

I guess it's no biggie considering we've gone from version 4.0 a mere 2 years ago to version 24.0 today. 20 Major releases in a mere 2 years when it used to take a whole year or more for each major release is really something. Good or bad, only time will tell.

Another way to look at it is we're taking 10 releases to get the goodies we used to get in a single release. Except for performance improvements which tend to improve faster with a faster feedback cycle.

And security. You can never be too safe online. Always want better security faster.

Maybe we really just need smaller version increments with the current pace of development. Big version numbers can get rather scary. Just look at Firefox 25.0 Aurora (soon to be Firefox 25.0 Beta). Looks even more mundane than the current release.