Monday, June 17, 2013

How to fix Clean Unable 50 for Brother DCP-195C

If your Brother DCP-195C displays an error "Clean Unable 50" or "Clean Unable 46" you can reset the waste ink counter using the same instructions for Brother DCP-135C.

Here's the instructions:

  1. Press Menu, then Mono (Start) followed by pressing the Up arrow 4 times. The Attention LED and Photo Capture button should now be blinking simultaneously.
  2. Enter 80 to enter maintenance mode. Use the Up/Down arrows to select the digit 8, then press OK, then Up/Down again to select 0, and press OK.
  3. Press Mono (Start) repeatedly until you get "Purge:xxxxx" on the printer display. "xxxxx" is some number.
  4. Enter 2783 (follow the same method as in Step 2 above) to reset the counter.
  5. Press Stop/Exit, then enter 99 (again same method as in Step 2) to exit maintenance mode.
The printer should restart and work normally again.