Friday, April 26, 2013

Ubuntu 13.04 released

Ubuntu 13.04 is finally out. And Ubuntu 13.10 is "Saucy Salamander". Somehow that doesn't sound as inspiring as previous names.

Anyhow, Unity 7 performs much better than previous versions for me. It's actually quite usable once you install the proprietary AMD drivers. It's rather unfortunate but that's how it is when you have fairly recent graphics hardware.

Drag and drop still behaves a little iffy for me, though. Sometimes it works perfectly. Most days I need to hover whatever I'm dragging over my target for a few seconds before a drop succeeds. Knowing cut, copy and paste shortcuts makes life much less frustrating.

Software Updater finally gets a recognizable icon in Ubuntu 13.04. The old icon looked too generic. It usually takes a while before I notice there's an update waiting. The new icon stands out better, I think.

There's the usual updates across the board. Ubuntu 13.04 uses kernel 3.8, LibreOffice 4.0, Upstart 1.8, and the Python 3 migration is still in progress. Maybe we'll make it in time for next LTS.

Oh, and we're still on Gnome 3.6 for this release.

Details @ the release notes.

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