Saturday, April 27, 2013

How to add multiple desktops to Ubuntu 13.04

For some reason, Ubuntu 13.04 comes with only 1 desktop (or workspace) by default. Here's how to get back your usual 4 desktops (or more, if you prefer).

Unity Tweak Tool available from the Ubuntu repositories
Install Unity Tweak Tool from Ubuntu Software Center. It's just a search and a few clicks away.

All Unity's settings accessible from one place
Once installed a new icon will appear in the launcher. Click it to run Unity Tweak Tool. Then click on Workspace Settings to access the settings you want.

You can even set more than the usual 4 desktops
After that, just turn on workspace switcher under Workspace Settings. A new icon will appear on your Unity Launcher for launching the workspace launcher. Or you could just use the usual Super+s keyboard shortcut.

You can uninstall Unity Tweak Tool after enabling the workspace switcher and it won't revert your changes. It's just a tool to set various variables in the system. It's not required to have it installed for the settings to take effect.