Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Canonical to rebuild Unity... again

How many times is this? It seems like Canonical enjoys rebuilding Unity every Ubuntu release. It seems there's plans afoot to replace X.org with a homebrew solution called Mir.

Mir's initial code is now available for tinkering but it's really early days and isn't something anyone would want, or be able to, use on a daily basis. Far from it. This is just an announcement of Canonical's plans (for Ubuntu 14.04?).

So... first we get Unity on Mutter. Then, the moved to Compiz with a Unity 2D on Qt. Then Unity 2D got scraped. Then, there were plans to use Wayland in place of X.org. And now we're getting a new display server replacement and Unity will be rebuilt using Qt/QML running on top of this new unknown server.

Why do I get the feeling we won't be seeing Mir for very long?

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