Thursday, February 21, 2013

Firefox 19: More little improvements

Firefox 19 is out with a built-in PDF viewer (finally!), startup performance improvements , WebGL improvements, and more.

More details are available on the release notes page.

HTML 5 improvements

Here's a look at Firefox's HTML 5 support since Firefox 16.

HTML5 test results

Not exactly leaps and bounds of improvements, but there's steady improvements being made. The biggest jump was in Firefox 17.

Javascript performance

Firefox Kraken benchmark
There isn't any significant change in JavaScript performance in Firefox 19. The biggest improvement came in Firefox 18 thanks to IonMonkey. This is just in Mozilla's own Kraken benchmark though.

Firefox running Google's Octane

When you take a look at Octane, Firefox 19 has regressed quite a bit from the massive gains in Firefox 18.

Firefox doing progressively worse in SunSpider
Strangely, Firefox has been getting progressively worse  in SunSpider with each version. What do you make of that?

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