Friday, December 28, 2012

Supreme Commander Forged Alliance on Ubuntu 12.10

It's been a long while. Too long since Supreme Commander.

Time to see if Forged Alliance works with Wine as well. I'm surprised I took so long to give this a go. But then Supreme Commander rather lagged even with my HD7550 using fglrx. Linux drivers are in serious need of a performance boost. Or, maybe it's the Athlon II X4 I'm running with. Oh well...

In any case, installing Forged Alliance is straightforward.

~$ wine /media/SupComFA/setup.exe
~$ wine supcom_fa_patch_1.5.3596_to_1.5.3599.exe

You don't even need to install the original Supreme Commander game. Forged Alliance is a standalone expansion. Just pop in the game disc and run the setup using wine.

Once it's done, do the same with the patch. You'll want at least the 3599 patch. That'll remove the annoying copy protection.

With that, you're all set to play the expansion to Supreme Commander on Ubuntu.

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