Saturday, December 08, 2012

Splitting Cue/Tak files

Tak is an alternative lossless audio format similar to flac. Unfortunately for Linux users, the format is only supported on Windows. If you happen to have a cue/tak file pair you want to split into individual tracks, you'll need to use Wine to run the Windows application.

If you don't already have them installed, you'll need Wine, cuetools and shntool.

~$ sudo apt-get install wine cuetools

You'll also need to download takc from the site (German) and extract Takc.exe from the zip file.

Then, you can proceed to split the tracks.

~$ wine Takc.exe -d "filename.tak"
~$ cuebreakpoints "filename.cue" | shntool -o flac "filename.wav"

Replace filename with whatever's appropriate. I'm assuming Takc.exe is in the current directory but if not then just specify the full path. Takc will convert the file given into a wav file of the same name.

In the above command, I split the wav file into individual flac tracks to be converted later into my preferred audio format but you could also split them into wav, if preferred.

Unfortunately, using this method will strip all tracks of file tags so you'll need to re-insert audio tags yourself afterwards.

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