Monday, December 24, 2012

Managing wireless profiles in Windows 8

Connecting to a wireless network using Windows 8 couldn't be any simpler. Just click on the network icon on your desktop, select the wireless network, and key in the security key (if required). You can't get it wrong.

Windows 8's Metro-ised network UI
But Microsoft somehow thought that removing wireless profiles that are no longer needed isn't something that the user would want to do. Most users probably wouldn't care anyway. Unfortunately, I do.

Deleting profiles from command prompt

The only way I've found to remove wireless profiles in Windows 8 is through the console. Fire up the command prompt and meet your new friend: netsh.

To remove unwanted wireless profiles, you'll need to do so from the console. Here's how I'd delete an imaginary wireless profile called neko.

:\> netsh wlan delete profile name="neko"

Seeing what's there

If you need a list of wireless profiles Windows 8 currently saved, here's how to do it.

:\> netsh wlan show profiles

That should bring up a list of stored profiles. It's handy when cleaning up wireless clutter. Doesn't matter if it's your own Windows 8 machine, or somebody else's.

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