Sunday, December 23, 2012

How to boot into Windows 8 Safe Mode

With Windows 8 comes a new way of accessing good ol' Safe Mode. There goes another useful bit of knowledge. Instead of the good ol' F8 key during startup we have to press Shift+F8 instead. Since Windows 8 typically boot way faster than any previous Windows, good luck with that.

If you can still boot into Windows and just want to get to Safe Mode for some reason (eg., diagnostics) a simpler method may be to just do so from the PC Settings. Here's how:

Windows 8 PC Settings

  1. Press Win+C to bring up the Charms Bar.
  2. Click on Settings, then Change PC Settings.
  3. Head over to General on the left hand pane, then scroll the resulting right hand pane all the way down.
  4. Press Restart Now and Windows will reboot into the new menu that replaces the old boot time F8 menu. You'll need to navigate through this to get to Safe Mode.
  5. Choose Troubleshoot.
  6. Choose Advanced Options.
  7. Choose Startup Settings, and click on restart.
  8. From the new list that will appear press 4 to boot into Safe Mode.
You'll notice that everything that used to be accessed through the F8 menu iin previous Windows is all on that last menu.

Good Luck.