Thursday, November 01, 2012

Ubuntu 12.10: Firefox vs Chromium vs Epiphany vs Opera

How do the web browsers compare in Ubuntu 12.10? In particular, Epiphany is an interesting browser to look at seeing as how it's supposed to be the default Gnome Desktop browser yet Ubuntu includes Firefox by default, instead.

Let's check things out.

Opera looks way behind in the Kraken benchmark. Epiphany is pretty close to Firefox & Chromium.

Chromium is way ahead of the competition in SunSpider.


Even on V8, Opera lags behind. Firefox doesn't do too well either.

Just for kicks I ran the browsers through RoboHornet Alpha 1. Opera strangely does better than Epiphany & Firefox here. Even stranger is the fact that Firefox does so poorly.

In all benchmarks, Chromium wins. These benchmarks only stress the JavaScript engine, but a lot of websites make use of JavaScript in some form or other nowadays, so it's a very important metric to look at.

Despite what the benchmarks seem to say though, subjectively the browsers all seem to run fast enough. Even the relatively unknown Epiphany looks like a viable option.