Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Abit AX78 doesn't boot up with POST code FF

Here's the motherboard in question.

You power up your system and the indicator @ the bottom right corner of the board cycles through various alphanumeric codes before settling on FF. Normally, the system should proceed to boot, but it doesn't. There's no even a wink on the monitor.

Worse, removing the RAM or GPU then powering up should cause a pattern of beeps... but it doesn't.

Under most circumstances, I'd say the motherboard or the CPU is dead. Maybe even both. More often, it's the motherboard.

But with this particular board, let's not be hasty.

AX78 rear panel (EZ CMOS switch highlighted in red)
If you take a look @ the rear panel you'll see a small switch near the audio connectors. You may have accidentally pushed this switch to the wrong side leading to the motherboard not booting. It's meant for easy CMOS resetting without opening up the casing but that also means it's possible to accidentally make your system unbootable.

Just give the switch a push to the opposite side and see if that helps. I know it did in my case.