Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Indicator menus to get a redesign in Ubuntu 12.10

Another interesting blueprint to come up recently is the redesign of indicators in Ubuntu. In case anybody needs a reminder, it's those menus that give you quick access to various frequently used features in Ubuntu all nicely arranged in the top right corner of your screen.

Session management options, calendar, sound control, messaging, and even your network can all be accessed through the current crop of indicators.

With Ubuntu 12.10, there's plans to consolidate existing menus, add a new indicator or two, all while making them more "relevant". Relevance seems something quite subjective. Every user has their set of "relevant" features and info they'd like quick access to. We'll have to wait for the new design to trickle in before we get to really see their impact.

The details of current design plans are available in this blog. Bear in mind, these aren't finalised designs. Expect more to come.