Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Benchmarking the HD 7750

So I can't seem to game the games I want with Wine despite having a HD 7750. Gaming is, unfortunately, still very much restricted to Windows. What else can I do? Why, benchmarking, of course!

Just to have a point of reference, I ran a recent OpenCL benchmark posted on Phoronix.

Keep in mind the major gap in hardware specs here. We're not just seeing a GPU vs GPU comparison. This is more like a systems comparison since I'm on a pretty old AMD system while the Phoronix test was on a Ivy Bridge system.

Prey doesn't look like it ran nicely. I got a weird 5 fps score. The Quake 4 benchmark didn't run at all.

Here's one from LuxMark. It's one of the better performing tests