Sunday, February 05, 2012

Opera 11.61 on Ubuntu 11.10

Firefox & Chromium aren't the only browsers in town. Opera is a good browser too though, sadly, it just doesn't seem to be able to gather the same following as the first two.

Opera isn't available from the Ubuntu repositories so you'll have to download the .deb package from the Opera download page. Adding the official repositories and installing from there doesn't seem to work at this time.

Download the appropriate .deb package and run the installation from terminal. Here, I'm installing the 64-bit version.

~$ cd Downloads
~$ sudo dpkg -i opera_11.61.1250_amd64.deb

Opera 11 on Ubuntu 11.10
Wait for it to complete and you're good to go. The installation will automatically add the Opera repository to Ubuntu's Software Sources.

Personally, I don't quite like Opera's look and feel. But, it's awesome fast. Perfect for anybody looking for more speed in their browser.

Uninstalling Opera

Removing Opera is also a simple command away:

~$ sudo apt-get purge opera

The best part is the Opera repositories get purge together so there's no need to open up Software Source to manually remove them.