Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Firefox 10 is officially out

Firefox 10 came out today with seemingly little to entice existing users to upgrade. There's the usual speed ups and reduced memory consumption, but I have to wonder if the 6 week release cycle didn't kill off the excitement of a new browser release.

Some of the new stuff includes a forward button that's hidden until you navigate back. Combining the Awesome Bar with the search bar would probably save more horizontal real estate. Not that I'm complaining. Every bit of space counts these days.

CSS 3D-transforms sounds like an interesting feature so long things don't get out of hand. Same goes for the new Full Screen APIs. Both are features that can easily get out of hand.

Well, anyway it's all in the release notes. Knock yourself out.

There's also a complete list of bug fixes though it's not for the feint of heart.

Considering that Ubuntu "Precise Pangolin" Alpha 2 is supposed to be out tomorrow, Ubuntu 11.10 users will probably have to wait a bit before Firefox 10 is officially available in the repositories.