Sunday, January 08, 2012

Unity improvements wish list

Precise Pangolin Alpha 2 isn't due out yet, so there's plenty of time to dream of the improvements that we'd like to see make it into our favorite Linux distro.

Unity in Ubuntu 11.10 is certainly better than it was in Ubuntu 11.04. Just the speed improvements alone makes it much easier to work with. Of course, there's plenty of room for improvement.

Here's some items I'd like to see improved in Unity.

Faster Dash

While Unity is much faster now, it still does stall/lag every now and then. Happens quite frequently, too. The Unity dash takes a few seconds at least to stutter into existence. Sometimes, much longer. It's definitely still slower than Gnome Shell.

I recently test run a daily image of Precise Pangolin. If it's anything to go by, we're well on our way to fulfilling this one already.

Better Search

Back in Ubuntu 11.04, Unity would sometimes not produce any results even though you've typed in a word that you know should produce something. So far, I haven't noticed that in Ubuntu 11.10.

But that's no reason to assume things can't be better. Right now, searching from dash appears to match keywords literally. In a world with Google search, you'll forgive me for expecting better.

Less jumpy windows

I believe I've mentioned this before in a previous post on Ubuntu 11.10. Window management in Unity can be quite the nightmare. Windows resize or even jump around the screen on occasion without any relation to what you're actually doing with your mouse at the time. This has got to go, or the split between Unity lovers and haters isn't going to go away.

Faster Alt-Tab

The new Alt-Tab looks nice. But it's slow. That's never a good thing. I don't usually have a lot of windows open at once so I don't really get what an Alt-Tab could be doing that's taking so long. Make it faster, and we're good to go.

Did I miss anything? Please do share your thoughts.