Thursday, October 20, 2011

Backups made simple

Ubuntu 11.10 finally includes a backup tool in the default installation. Even Windows has had a backup tool for years and years. Finally, the Ubuntu user has something simple ready-to-use.

Deja Dup's first run main window
Just restore, or backup. It's really simple.

Backup settings overview
Canonical is really pushing Ubuntu One here. The default settings has Deja Dup saving your backups to the cloud. It's not exactly a bad option. It's just some may prefer a more local storage location.

Everything's nice and simple here. There's options for storage location, backup source folders, and backup frequency. Nothing much else but does anyone really need much more than that from a simple, basic backup utility?

To encrypt, or not to encrypt
The first time you run a backup job, you'll be asked if you want to password protect your backup archives. Regardless of your answer here, you won't be asked again. Unless there's something you'd rather nobody else gets to peek at, I'd say just leave it unprotected. It's less annoying that way.

First backup can take a long time to complete
The backup may take a while. A long while. Depends on how big your /home is. Subsequent backups should be faster.

Nice and simple. Nothing to it.