Thursday, September 01, 2011

Upgrading Karmic to Lucid

After the slight speed bump during the Jaunty-to-Karmic upgrade, upgrading to Lucid turns out to be uneventful. That's exactly the way you want an OS upgrade to be: boring. Things should just work.

Do I want to upgrade?.. I wonder...
Pop in the install CD, click on the "Run Upgrade" button, and answer some confirmation dialogs during the upgrade process. That's about the extent of what the user needs to do, and that's what you see in the upgrade to Lucid.

about:home now shows Google
New stuff in Ubuntu

Karmic saw the first appearance of application indicators. With Lucid, we're also seeing some tweaks here and there. There's a new pair of default dark and light themes, for one.

The maximise, minimise and quit buttons have also been shifted in Lucid from the top right to the top left side. This was meant to prepare for windicators appearing in later releases but that feature hasn't shown any sign of appearing anytime soon.

Next: The upgrade to Maverick Meerkat.