Monday, August 22, 2011

Upgrading Warty to Hoary

After previously installing Warty, this time I'll be upgrading to Hoary. ISO images for old releases can be found here. Since EOL'd Ubuntu releases are no longer available I'll be doing upgrades direct from CD only. In fact, I'll be upgrading from CD for the entire series of posts in this experiment.

Upgrading to Hoary

Upgrading from Synaptic
Update Manager didn't exist in Warty so I made use of Synaptic to do a smart upgrade. Since Ubuntu targets newbies, I think opting for the most newbie friendly option is best.

Warty doesn't even detect the CD I've inserted is a Ubuntu install CD, and doesn't offer to upgrade or even start the package manager for me. So, I start up Synaptic myself, added the CD-ROM, then proceeded to upgrade using the smart upgrade option.

Upgrading in progress
The upgrade process was fast; 15 minutes and everything was installed. Warty didn't even ask me to reboot to my freshly upgraded Ubuntu, so I did that myself to load up the new kernel, drivers, and whatever other services that require a proper reboot to reload.

Firefox 1.0.2 in Ubuntu 5.04 "Hoary Hedgehog"
Reboot, login and I'm in Ubuntu 5.04 (Hoary). It's as simple as that.

Next: Upgrading to Breezy.