Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Upgrading to Jaunty is almost a breeze

The online upgrade to Ubuntu 8.04.4 "Hardy Heron" really paved the way to a much smoother upgrade experience in subsequent upgrades. Upgrading to Intrepid went without incident, and now the upgrade to Jaunty looks almost as smooth a ride.

Upgrading direct from Ubuntu 9.04 install CD
Running the cdromupgrade script that comes with the install CD works wonders. Except for a couple of confirmations (the same with Intrepid) it's basically entirely automated. Just get the ball rolling and expect to reboot into Jaunty in short order.


Things didn't go entirely without incident though. For one, clicking on "Run Upgrade" after Ubuntu detects the Jaunty CD didn't start up the process. That's why I had to manually start it up from terminal. Hopefully, this is a one time blip.

Firefox about:home indicating I'm on Ubuntu 8.04 when I'm really on Ubuntu 9.04
Another oddity is about:home tells me I'm still on Ubuntu 8.04 when I've already upgraded to Ubuntu 9.04. System Monitor shows the correct info. It doesn't appear to affect functionality but I hope it doesn't lead to future upgrades asking me for the Hardy Heron CD.

Up next would be the upgrade to Karmic Koala.