Saturday, August 27, 2011

Upgrading to Gutsy

After a rather messed up upgrade process in Feisty, I'm quite ready for the robust upgrades I'm more used to seeing from Ubuntu. I'm surprised I've not seen any of these on actual hardware. Maybe it's because I'm doing this on a VM, or maybe my memories fail me.

Ubuntu offers an upgrade
In any case, the upgrade to Gutsy doesn't look like it will get much better. Right off the bat, Ubuntu detects the CD again. The dialog to start package manager, or just head straight to upgrade comes up again after going missing for a few releases.

Upgrades can be a pain
Unfortunately, things don't go too well. There are problems preventing the upgrade from happening. Update Manager really needs to give more info here. Oh well, it's back to Synaptic then.
Why Dapper? This is Feisty! Ask for the Gutsy CD, dang it!!
Too bad Synaptic doesn't do too well either. At first, things look like they run fine. Halfway through the upgrade, Synaptic wants the Ubuntu 6.06 CD. Ubuntu 7.04 upgrading to 7.10 needing the 6.06 CD? I don't think so. Time to revert to that Feisty snapshot I made.

Trying a dist-upgrade with apt-get gives the same results as Synaptic. Not surprising since Synaptic's smart upgrade seems to perform a dist-upgrade.

Not the best option but... finally, somebody with some sense
With not much left to try, I went for Update Manager's partial upgrade offer. Surprisingly, that worked. Just to be sure I did some extra tweaks after the reboot:

~$ sudo apt-get autoremove
~$ sudo apt-get upgrade
~$ sudo apt-get install linux-generic

For reasons unknown to me, I'm still on kernel 2.6.17 which really shouldn't be the case. This is just a guess, but I suspect the whole thing about needing the Dapper CD might be related to this. I installed the -generic kernel that we're supposed to be running, just in case.

Firefox releases were real slow back then
Next is, of course, upgrading to Ubuntu 8.04 "Hardy Heron".