Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Upgrading Jaunty to Karmic

The previous upgrade was pretty uneventful. That's a Good Thing. Upgrading an OS is a delicate process where anything that goes wrong could cause you to not be able to boot. This upgrade to Karmic will be the last of the EOL'd releases. The complete list is available on the Ubuntu Releases page.

Currently, there are only 4 supported releases (Hardy, Lucid, Maverick, and Natty) and a single development release (Oneiric, slated for October 2011 release). As I said early on in the experiment, I'll stick to CD-based upgrades. The only exception I've made so far was the upgrade to Hardy due to a number of problems faced with just about every available offline upgrade method.

Let's see how well the upgrade to Karmic goes.

Upgrading to Karmic
The upgrade went as expected. When it worked that is.

One of the errors encountered during upgrade
Things worked out well on my 2nd attempt, but the first time I tried the upgrade gave some errors. A few packages failed to install and that lead to Update Manager trying a recovery that appears to work. Unfortunately, when I reboot the system things didn't work out. I restored the Jaunty snapshot I had made then retried the upgrade a 2nd time which surprisingly worked perfectly.

Again, Firefox says Ubuntu 8.04 but it's Ubuntu 9.10 already
As with Jaunty, Karmic also shows I'm on Ubuntu 8.04 in Firefox's about:home. But clearly I'm on Karmic.

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