Monday, August 29, 2011

Upgrading Hardy to Intrepid

For quite a few releases, it's been nothing but troubles. That includes the latest upgrade to Hardy that needed and online upgrade to properly run to completion. Now comes the upgrade to Intrepid.

Here we go.

Pop in the Intrepid install CD and Hardy offers to run the upgrade or start the package manager. This pop up dialog really should be present in every release since Hoary but for some reason it doesn't show up in certain releases.

Running the distribution upgrade
From what I can tell the run upgrade option is really just a GUI way of running the cdromupgrade script that comes with the CD. This time it runs nice and smooth, just the way it's meant to do.

In fact, this is the first straightforward upgrade in a long time. It's also a first for this method of upgrading since early releases of Ubuntu used more traditional methods like Synaptic, or apt-get. Early versions of Update Manager wasn't this advanced.

It's just a matter of waiting for the upgrade to complete. Some configuration files need replacing that the upgrade process will need user confirmation before it can continue, but it's all automated otherwise. Can't get more boring than that.

The only annoyance would be the Firefox icon on the top panel, but that appeared in Hardy and not Intrepid. Even System Monitor got fixed and no longer has that strange display glitch.

Firefox 3.6 on Intrepid

Once it's done, reboot and enjoy the new Intrepid desktop.

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