Thursday, August 25, 2011

The upgrade to Ubuntu 6.10 "Edgy Eft"

Dapper brought quite a few firsts to Ubuntu. It's the first ever Long Term Support (LTS) release, it's the first (and to-date, only) release with an extended development cycle, Ubiquity made its debut in Dapper, and we got a fresh new theme based on Clearlooks that looks way better than the default theme in previous releases.

But the upgrade also made Update Manager disappear for some reason. It really shouldn't have happened. To get Update Manager back, run the following commands from terminal:

~$ sudo apt-get install readline-common
~$ sudo apt-get install update-manager

Update Manager

You'll need the Dapper CD for this. Unfortunately, you still can't run the upgrade. Update Manager tries to upgrade through the Internet which fails, and getting packages from CD doesn't seem to look very promising either with a long list of packages that cannot be upgraded.  Attempts to run the cdromupgrade script that made its debut in Edgy fails with a "can't find distUpgradeViewGtk" error. Not very comforting.

Add in the fact that Dapper regressed to Warty's behaviour of not suggesting an upgrade, or starting package manager and it's the worst upgrade, so far.

Synaptic upgrade
So, I end up using Synaptic to do the upgrade, again.

Unfortunately, things don't go smoothly from there. The upgrade appeared to go smoothly but I got dumped to terminal on reboot. I had to fix things from there.

Got dumped to terminal; installing ubuntu-desktop
~$ sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop
~$ sudo reboot

Firefox 2.0 in Edgy Eft

Finally, I get to see the Ubuntu desktop. Just to be sure I get as many Edgy packages install as possible, I run one final command:

~$ sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

That should do it.

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