Friday, August 26, 2011

The upgrade to Feisty is not as simple as it sounds

After the problematic Dapper to Edgy upgrade, Feisty doesn't make things any simpler. Update Manager, Synaptic and even apt-get indicate that some packages will be held back.

Update Manager offers a Distribution Upgrade

That's never a good sign. It makes a broken upgrade a much more likely scenario. After the rather troublesome Edgy upgrade, you'll forgive my paranoia.

Upgrading Ubuntu 6.10 to... Ubuntu 6.10?!
Going ahead with Update Manager's suggestion of a distribution upgrade gives me a really strange upgrade UI. Apparently Ubuntu thinks I'm still running Dapper. Whether this is a result of the rather tumultuous upgrade to Edgy, or it's just some bug in Update Manager, we'll never know.

The upgrade actually proceeded normally and I successfully boot into Feisty, but I'm not sure I quite like such a suspicious looking upgrade. Who knows how that affects future upgrades? I reverted to a saved snapshot of Edgy.

Distribution Upgrade using cdromupgrade script that came with the install CD
Thankfully, the cdromupgrade script that failed to run in Edgy now runs well from the Feisty install CD. I don't get the message about a missing DistUpgradeViewGtk any more. The fact that it correctly states the version number is also reassuring. After a half hour, the Feisty upgrade completes and the reboot goes smoothly.

Hopefully, the upgrade to Gutsy will be better. That's up next.