Friday, July 01, 2011

Use Android as a remote desktop client

You want to access your desktop remotely using your Android device. With VNC for Android it's possible. Ubuntu comes ready for remote desktop access. On the Unity desktop just search for "Remote Desktop" using the dash. For classic GNOME, it should be at System -> Preferences -> Remote Desktop.

Configuring the remote desktop on Ubuntu
You just need to enable it in Remote Desktop. Make sure "Allow other users to view your desktop" and "Allow other users to control your desktop" are enabled.

For convenience, you'll want to enable "Configure network automatically to accept connections" and disable "You must confirm each access to this machine"

Securing your remote desktop

For security reasons, you'll want to set a password. Enable "Require the user to enter this password" and key in your desired password in the text entry field. This way anybody who doesn't know your password will not be able to remote control your desktop.

Setting up the client

Next up is installing VNC for Android. It's available at AppBrain. Once installed, run it and you'll immediately be able to enter information needed for connecting to your Ubuntu desktop. It's just a few simple steps to get up and running:
  1. Fill in a nickname. It's easier to manage if you decide to add more connections later.
  2. Key in the password. Enable "Keep" if you want the app to remember your password.
  3. Key in your IP address
  4. Click connect.

    And you're done!