Sunday, July 10, 2011

To Do List for Android

For the busy people out there, having a to do list to assist in managing tasks is essential. But most task lists have one big problem. Many people might not even realise there's a problem because they've gotten so used the the way things are. The problem is, of course, there's only a single task list.

Sure we could prioritise our tasks, but the fundamental problem is that we don't just have tasks at work. We've got things we need to do at home, shopping lists, reading lists, wish lists, etc. The list goes on. Yet, most task management software just has a single list for you to dump everything. It's overwhelming.

Currently, I'm using Astrid which is a nice and simple to do list app. It runs nice and smooth on the Desire HD. It's open source, and free. Looks like I've got nothing to complain about. Except it's got that single list problem I just mentioned.

So I've been searching for a nice and simple replacement. So far, To Do List is the only one I've encountered that has multiple lists. It's a fixed set (my tasks, @ work, i want it!, grocery) but it's a vast improvement already.

Unfortunately, To Do List has it's own set of flaws to put up with. It's got a very small character limit. You can only type a very short task list. A reasonable limit, I'm sure, but sometimes you just need a few more words in there.

It's also got a back and save button. For a smartphone app, I really fail to see why those are needed. Since most apps just autosave and there's already a back button on just about every Android device I've seen, it seems such a waste of valuable screen space to have those buttons in place. To be fair, Astrid also features a save and cancel button in its advanced task editor.

So, what features am I looking for?
  • Multiple lists. Better yet, let me create more lists. Everybody's got their own set to manage.
  • Simple. As much as possible, no superfluous features.
  • Better integration with Android. The to do app should be able to create events/reminders using the existing calendar app. Basic, common task types should provide actions to directly access related features (call/sms a contact)
  • Preferably free. Both in the open source and monetary sense.
 Anybody knows of a to do app that fits the bill? I'd really love to know.