Sunday, June 12, 2011

How much has Chromium 12 improved in the benchmarks?

The thing about Chromium (and Chrome) is that it always seems to show massive improvements with each new version. Let's see how Chromium 12 does compared to version 11. I'll even throw in Firefox 4 and Aurora's results from a previous post to make it easier to compare the two rivals.

I'll omit the Acid3 test since there's no change in the results.

Here's the numbers.

HTML5 Test

It's quite a surprise here that Chromium 12 actually does a little worse than Chromium 11 on the HTML5 test. But, it's too insignificant to impact user experience especially since websites that make use of so many HTML5 specific features just aren't there yet. At 276 points (not counting bonus points), it's still ahead of Aurora (266 points).

Kraken Benchmark

Chromium 12 just runs through Kraken like a hot knife through butter now. It took less than half the time Chromium 11 did on to complete the test, and it's even faster than Firefox. Chromium (and Chrome) fans rejoice.

V8 Benchmark

On V8 we see a similar pattern. Chromium 12 ups the score from 3672 to 6281. That's massive however you look at it. It really feels like Firefox needs to do something drastic, doesn't it?

SunSpider Benchmark

The only blemish is in the SunSpider benchmark where, not only is Chromium slower than Firefox, it's slown down further with 12. It's like they don't even consider SunSpider worth looking at.

Firefox and Chromium (and Chrome, of course) are so fast nowadays I can't even feel the difference except on specific occasions when Flash causes a hang up in Firefox. Most of the time there's little difference between the two. The only one I can perceive without raw numbers would be cold startup time. That's where Chromium feels much faster than Firefox to me, at least.