Sunday, June 26, 2011

How much did Firefox 5 improve?

So Firefox 5 came out about a week ago. Just how much "faster" is it? Let's find out.

As in previous benchmarks, I store the results in a Google Docs spreadsheet and create the chart with Google's default chart gadget. As you can see it's not terribly detailed, so bear with me here. In future, it'd be nice to get better looking charts.

Anyway, here goes.

HTML5 Test

Firefox 5 does improve on its HTML5 standards support, but it's still a bit short of Chromium 12. Maximum score for this is 450. Firefox 5 scored 272.

Javascript Benchmarks

In Kraken, Firefox 5's improvement is so negligible it's not even worth looking at.

Same applies to SunSpider. Both Kraken and SunSpider looks at speed in completing the tests so the lower the better.

In V8, Firefox 5 actually regressed. Without needing to do anything Chromium's lead extends just like that.

As can be expected from a release that came just months after the previous version, there's hardly any performance improvements worth mentioning. Granted, this is the first release using Mozilla's new release cycle so it will probably take a few more releases before things start rolling along for Firefox.