Thursday, June 09, 2011

Firefox Aurora performance compared to Firefox 4

Yesterday, I installed Firefox Aurora on my Ubuntu 11.04 setup using the Aurora PPA. So, I've run it through the typical benchmarks and today will post the results alongside the Firefox 4 results from my earlier open source browser comparison.

HTML 5 Test

The current Aurora build destined for release as Firefox 6 improved on HTML 5 support by a bit. It's nice to have support in place, but I really wonder how useful supporting a draft specification is to the user.

Acid3 Test

Firefox 4 results; Firefox Aurora results. What's the difference?
I won't even bother to GIMP the two results side-by-side. They're identical. Nothing interesting here.

Kraken Javascript Benchmark

Kraken is time-based so Aurora seems to have improved slightly over Firefox 4. By the time Firefox 6 is out, Kraken would likely be even more strenuous on the Javascript engine rendering current results useless.

V8 Javascript Benchmark

Google's own V8 Benchmark is points-based.Aurora does just a tad bit better here but it still can't beat Chromium 11. Hopefully, things will get better by Beta.

SunSpider Benchmark

Like Kraken, SunSpider is time-based.This is the only benchmark where Aurora seems to have regressed in performance.

Firefox Aurora is overall better than Firefox 4 in raw numbers, but it's not worth writing home about. I'm a Firefox fan but Mozilla seriously needs to bump up their performance if they intend to beat (or, at least, equal) Chrome. Firefox may still be king when it comes to add-ons but Chrome already supports plugins and one can never underestimate Google's development muscle.

But then again, it's all good for the end user. Healthy competition, and all that.