Saturday, June 11, 2011

Chromium 12 on Ubuntu 11.04

Chromium 12 came out not too long ago. It's not available from the official repositories for Ubuntu 11.04, but those who'd like to give it a go without upgrading to still-in-development Ubuntu "Oneiric" can do so easily using the Chromium Stable Channel PPA.

Here's how.

The Terminal way

~$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:chromium-daily/stable
~$ sudo apt-get update
~$ sudo apt-get install chromium-browser

Just add the PPA using the add-apt-repository command, update your local package lists, and install chromium to get the latest goodness. Simple as that.

The Ubuntu Software Center way

Adding the PPA manually in Software Sources
Installation by adding the repository in Software Center is a bit more troublesome. The things the add-apt-repository command does for you, you'll need to do manually instead.

First, add the repository by heading to Edit->Software Sources... in Software Center and adding the following to your software repositories.

deb natty main

PPA details; follow the Signing key link to get your authentication key...
Next, you'll need to add the authentication key so Ubuntu can verify the packages from said PPA. Just follow the link under "signing key", copy and paste into your favourite text editor, and save it as plain text somewhere. Remember where you saved it and what you named the file.

...then import the key in Software Sources
Head back to Software Sources, and import the key file you've just saved. Close Software Sources, and Software Center will automatically update your packages list. Once it's done you can install Chromium straightaway from Software Center.

Removing Chromium

If you don't want Chromium anymore, it's a simple uninstall right from inside Software Center. Follow the instructions above in reverse to remove the PPA, replacing the add/import actions with remove/delete. Of course, don't bother downloading the authentication key again :-P

Alternatively, you could let Ubuntu do all the hard work for you by running the following command from Terminal:

~$ sudo ppa-purge ppa:chromium-daily/stable
~$ sudo apt-get purge chromium-browser

If it doesn't work, you probably need to install the ppa-purge package first. It's available in the official repositories. Be sure to enable universe in Software Sources, then run

~$ sudo apt-get install ppa-purge

Once done, you should be ready to purge any PPA you've added into Ubuntu by running the ppa-purge command again.