Tuesday, June 14, 2011

AMD's Llano is finally out

How long has it been since AMD first talked about Fusion? Back in 2006 if memory serves. First, Brazos. Now, Llano is finally out the door. If not for AMD's Fusion plans, Intel probably would've let us consumers continue running their slow GMA. Such is the beauty of competition. Despite the fact that AMD's CPUs can't compare clock for clock with Intel's in many cases, their strong GPU is a real threat to Intel.

As pointed out at Phoronix, open source users will have to wait before stable support is available. Right now, proprietary is the best way to go for early adopters. That's an unfortunate situation that hopefully will improve in the near future.

Techspot has a list of models along with their specs for those interested.

Since the CPU side uses the same architecture as current AMD offerings, expect little improvements there. Llano is more like a "tech demo" to show the world what's possible. A damn good demo, if you asked me. The really juicy bit is when they use Bulldozer-based cores for Llano's successors.