Sunday, May 01, 2011

So, what's next? Or, what might feature in Oneiric?

It's just days after Ubuntu 11.04 was released, and already I'm looking forward to Oneiric. Things aren't set in stone yet, of course, but there's always something tantalising waiting in the next release, isn't there?

Here's some of the things that stood out for me:

  • GNOME 3! Need I say more? This'll literally be the biggest chunk of code to update in Ubuntu come Oneiric.
  • LightDM as the default display manager replacing GDM. Anything that makes Ubuntu leaner and meaner is good in my book. That it's also easier to maintain (one display manager for all desktop environments) and consolidates code is also a definite plus.
  • It'd be really interesting to see if Ubuntu finally has to go over and beyond the single CD goal they've been keeping to since their inception. Will we finally see Ubuntu moving on to DVDs as the optical media of choice? Personally, I'd rather they stick to CDs. It's big enough already. DVDs would just make downloading ISOs that much more of a pain in the behind.
  • I wonder what new features they're planning for Unity in Oneiric?
  • UEFI support. It's not a priority for me right now. My current machine is still just a year old. But sooner or later I'm sure I'll bump into a motherboard that uses UEFI, so I'd rather the support and testing be done before I need it.
  • We might get to see debdelta support in apt in Oneiric. If it reduces the required bandwidth to download updates (speeding up updates in the process), then it's definitely welcome.
  • Simultaneous sleep and hibernate? I don't use sleep or hibernate, but this still sounds interesting.
Update: I guess Mark Shuttleworth just made it clear we're not growing bigger than a CD.

That's about it for me. There's lots and lots of stuff up for discussion. I'm sure there's something for everybody in there.

Hopefully, there'll be improvements to the power consumption issue that got a lot of attention recently.  I doubt any fixes in the kernel will make it into Oneiric six months from now, but one can always dream. If there is a fix, then it'd be nice to hear that it's been ported over to whichever kernel Ubuntu will be using next version.