Saturday, April 02, 2011

Upgrading to Natty Beta 1

Natty Beta 1 came out marking the near completion of yet another development cycle for Ubuntu. Normally, I'd upgrade to a new release when it hits Release Candidate but this cycle I'll be diving in a little earlier. I've upgraded earlier than RC before in past cycles but those typically ended up giving me problems that required a clean installation. Here's to hoping for a better experience!

This cycle has just way too many exciting things happening. It's just way too tempting for me not to upgrade. I'm surprised I managed to wait this long.

Here's why.

Kernel 2.6.38 alleviates at least in part the non-responsiveness of desktop applications when there's heavy I/O going on. Better UI responsiveness is good. I think there's no argument there.

Ubuntu now defaults to the new Unity desktop shell and it looks like it's coming along just fine. Unity felt clunky when I tried it in Ubuntu 10.10 but I'll give it another go. I'm hoping I'll like it better this time.

Banshee replaces RhythmBox and it's about time! I'm not particularly enthusiastic that Banshee's the new default. It looks just like RhythmBox, if you asked me. But RhythmBox has some issues reading the tags on a lot of mp3s in my collection and I'm just hoping things'll get better from here. It's high time to replace RhythmBox and it may as well be Banshee.

Firefox 4 is in there. It's been out just a little over a week and all indications are it's a major improvement over Firefox 3.6. Since Firefox 4 seems to have issues running on Ubuntu 10.10, I'd like to see how it runs on Natty. Granted, I installed the PPA version on 10.10.

Btrfs is available and can be used as the filesystem on your root partition; no need for a separate /boot anymore. I won't be immediately migrating over to btrfs, of course, but upgrading to Natty also means the planning begins now.

That's just some of the new stuff in Natty to get excited about. There's the fact that Python 2.7 is the new default Python installed (and used) system-wide. Or, the new Upstart. Or, a revamped Ubiquity. Or even LibreOffice replacing as the new productivity suite after Oracle's takeover of Sun Microsystems.

I'll be upgrading to Natty Beta 1. Will you?

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