Sunday, April 10, 2011

Got myself a HTC Desire HD

The phone is really stunning to look at, and to use. I'm sure the abundant reviews online has made it pretty darn clear already. This is a really nice phone although with some quirks that it's owners have to deal with, as is usual with most devices.

Most notably the battery seems to get a lot of bad rap with batteries lasting 5 or 6 hours to almost 2 days on a single charge depending on usage patterns. Since it's just my first day with this phone, I'll refrain from judging the battery too harshly.

Still, the battery does seem to drain much faster than I'd like, but then I spent most of the morning going through the various settings available on the phone disabling things I don't need (eg. haptic feedback, 3G network) or don't use all day ever day (eg. Wi-fi, Bluetooth, data sync). There's also the fact that I used wi-fi Internet quite a bit to install some apps from Android Market. That in itself would drain much of the battery since the screen is so darn huge.

So far, a little niggle is the fact that Banshee on Natty doesn't detect the device. In fact, it looks like Natty itself doesn't detect it leading to Banshee's failure. I'm putting this down to the fact that Natty is still in beta so things should be ironed out in due course.

Update: For some reason I have yet to figure out, enabling USB Debugging when using the data cable fixes the issue with the device not being detected as a storage device. Now Banshee works fine transferring songs over to the Desire HD. Disabling USB Debugging after that first time doesn't revert the behaviour. There really must be a bug in Android. Hopefully, Gingerbread will fix this.

Overall, I'm liking the phone a lot so far. Let's see how things go a week from now...